In their first taping in front of a live audience at Wits End Saloon in Baltimore, the brothers and Chris talk about Marc's new screenplay, the 2 year anniversary of the death of their father, the Super Bowl, scared rich people and Andrew threatens people in the audience who aren't paying attention. Also the winner of the $250 Amazon gift card is revealed and Lynn and Andy play "Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia." THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO MADE IT OUT FOR THE TAPING!
A conversation about Marc's gig in NY leads to a near meltdown. When order is restored the brothers and Chris talk about MSNBC's decision to interrupt a conversation on national security issues to cover Justin Bieber's arrest, Marc wonders whether or not The Baltimore Sun made the right decision in publishing an article about how the local media handled a mall shooting and Andrew, once again, vows to lose weight.  Also "Busted Out" trivia with contestant Jessica Wells.
Marc, Andrew and Chris spend a lot of time talking about the NFL including their views on Seattle CB Richard Sherman and his post game rant, possible NFL scoring changes and whether or not pro football should steal something from Harry Potter's favorite game.  Also, Marc gives Andrew a much needed pep talk, Andrew bitches about Magoobys customers and, during Fighting Ungers "Busted Out Trivia" with contestant John Mayhew we learn who Marc wanted to slap the crap out of at Andrew's wedding.
This week Marc, Andrew and Chris cover a lot of ground including Marc's foray into vaping, what the penalty should be for punching the elderly and Governor Christie's "Bridgegate" fiasco. Plus Fighting Ungers "Busted Out" trivia with listener Sara Caskey.
In the first episode of 2014, the brothers and Chris pick up right where they left off- fighting. Marc gets mad at Andrew, Andrew gets mad at Marc and Chris gets mad at Marc, Andrew and himself.  In between they discuss whether or not it's okay for Kim Jong-un to feed his uncle to dogs, Marc's short film idea and Chris' career options.  Plus Fighting Ungers "Busted Out" Trivia with listener Dave Polsinelli.