The guys discuss the death of Glenn Frey, a potential issue between Marc and his wife, video games, why "The Revenant" sucked and more. Also, stuff about Palin endorsing Trump, Track Palin getting arrested and F.U Trivia with listener Monica Heilman.
Marc plays some guitar, Andrew munches edamame and Chris admits he's never seen Star Trek.  Also stuff about David Bowie, the hot chick jewel thief, Sean Penn and much more! Plus the F.U Trivia contestant, Ray Brown, comes very close to winning $150 cash. Does he do it? Find out here!
With Andrew running late, Chris and Marc kill time by talking about Chris' money problems, the Netflix documentary "Making a Murderer" and more. Also stuff about Andrew's frustrations in running a comedy club, the guys play the game "Chronology" and F.U Trivia with listener Kandace Saunders.