Marc and Andrew say goodbye to Chris as the third Fighting Unger (he's still producing) by not caring that much and wonder if he's still doing his wrestling podcast. Also Andrew makes fun of Marc for doing the hashtag thing, Marc actually uses the name Trump and stuff about the Oscars nominees, the punching of Richard Spencer, Trump's first few days and more.
This week Chris is back as the guys spend way too much time talking about the DNA test Marc gave his dog.  Of course, they still find time to bash Donald Trump and his supporters, talk a little about the Meryl Streep speech and mock Chris. 
Marc offers praise to Natalie Portman and her performance as Jackie Onassis but Andrew's not buying it.  Also talk about Andrew's post coital ritual, Marc's upcoming trip to the U.K and the weight he's added since quitting smoking and stuff about the idiocy that is Trumpf**k and his support. Oh and much more!