In this episode, the brothers start out talking about Mississippi’s decision to ratify the 13th amendment  (yeah the one that ended slavery) nearly 150 years after the Civil War.  Then, Marc suggests that Andrew might have a twisted form of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Andrew spends most of the episode proving him right.   Plus they talk “Oscar Night”,  Marc’s career and whether or not Dr. Drew Pinsky should go to prison.   RATED G FOR EVERYONE except African Americans who might think Andrew’s a bigot.

In this episode Andrew dominates the show as he talks about Valentine’s Day as a married man, Marc questions Andrew’s purchase of a cell phone for his 11 year old son plus Marc’s attempt to discuss his addiction to audiophile quality music leads to conflict and a story about a night of brotherly bonding that nearly turned into a fist fight. Also Andrew’s value as the owner of Magooby’s Joke House is called into question and Marc has an irrational response to Marco Rubio.  THIS EPISODE IS HIGHLY DYSFUNCTIONAL!

Marc and Andrew discuss their father’s tombstone, King Richard III and his bones, Ravens win the Superbowl plus comedian Jimmy Shubert stops by to talk about comedy, drone strikes and snorting coke with Sam Kinison.

In the podcast premiere, the two brothers cover everything from how to do a good podcast to women in combat.