This week the brothers and Chris talk about Andrew's self diagnosis of cancer, Marc's ever-growing addiction to music collecting and some news related topics including the jogger arrested in Austin and whether or not porn is really becoming mainstream. Also Fighting Ungers Busted Out trivia with listener Daniel Wentworth
Marc discusses his sleepwalking problem which Andrew blames on alcohol abuse. Plus the brothers and Chris talk about GOP presidential hopeful Rand Paul's ridiculous claims regarding Bill and Hillary Clinton, the guy in Florida who killed a teenager over loud rap music and toss around ideas about a new tournament involving famous losers. Also "Busted Out" Trivia with listener Phil Von Eiff.
Marc, Andrew and Chris discuss Michael Sam, the Mizzou football player who recently announced he's gay.  Also, are the Beatles really THAT great or that important? How's Marc's new screenplay coming? Does Andrew give a crap about "The Walking Dead"? Find out the answers on this week's episode. Plus "Busted Out Trivia" with contestant Skylar Keller.
Andrew's running late so Marc and Chris talk about the Super Bowl and Chevy's use of cancer survivors to help sell trucks.  Eventually, Andrew shows up and says a lot of inappropriate things on a wide range of topics, particularly sex abuse allegations against Woody Allen.  Plus Busted Out Trivia with contestant Kevin McGarity.