Marc, Andrew and producer Chris Lycholat debate whether or not the new bar at Magooby’s Joke House should be called Wit’s End or THE Wit’s End. Plus Andrew offers his views on abortion, Rush Limbaugh gets mocked and the brothers discuss a foolproof method for dealing with North Korea’s nuclear threat.  There’s also riffs on the Baltimore Orioles, Marc’s career in radio, Andrew’s A.D.D, Marc’s wedding and the Supreme Court takes up the issue of same sex marriage.

The brothers argue over which of them has less hair plus Marc receives career advice from Andrew, Sarah Palin’s annoying voice, Bill O’Reilly vs. Michelle Bachman and Marc helps Andrew flesh out his “making love to Rachel Maddow” scenario.  Also a conversation about Marc’s recent guest starring role on the HBO series “Veep” leads to a debate about what constitutes art and Chris the producer plays “Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia.”

As the two brothers wait for Baltimore’s 98Rock Morning Show host Mickey Cucchiella to stop by, producer Chris Lycholat’s job is under threat, Marc opens up about his audiophile addiction and Andrew complains about the new Magooby’s awning.  There’s also a very uncomfortable conversation about the new Pope, Marc proves he should probably pay for guitar lessons and Andrew shares a disturbing story about his bathroom towels.  Plus the guys discuss existentialism, a medieval knight’s skeleton, Ted Nugent’s passion for mowing down hogs and Andrew’ twisted passion for Rachel Maddow. Oh, and the introduction of a new segment called “Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia.”

Andrew's problem with national headliner Joe Matarese performing at a Baltimore area bar gig leads to a 
conversation about a chick Marc met at Dangerfield's in NYC and an S&M club the two brothers visited in the nineties.

In this episode Marc and Andrew, along with producer Chris Lycholat, discuss Marc’s big marriage problem plus a fight about which brother buys the better gifts, Andrew’s insane reasons for not sleeping with two hot celebrities, a pointless look at the American Revolution and Miss Teen Delaware steps down after it’s discovered she likes to do porn.