The brothers and Chris talk about a marijuana problem at Magooby's Joke House. A conversation about an article entitled "Signs That Divorced People Missed" goes mostly nowhere and the "Biggest Loser of All Time" tournament continues with matchups including Mel Gibson vs. Detroit, Edgar Allan Poe vs. Lilo Broncato and Mussolini vs. Andy Dick. Also listener Mike Ruch plays Fighting Ungers Trivia.
Missing planes in Malaysia and missing Fighting Unger in the studio as Andrew fails to show up on time. Marc and Chris cover the suicide of Mick Jagger's girlfriend, "The Walking Dead" and other stuff before Andrew makes it in. Also the "Biggest Loser of All Time" tournament continues with matchups including The Third Reich vs. Lindsay Lohan, Wesley Snipes vs. David Carradine and Bernie Madoff vs. porn star John Holmes. Also Busted Out Trivia with listener Al McKegg.
Call this episode "When Andrew Attacks" as he skewers everyone and everything including Matthew McConaughey, spiritual faith, and, most of all, his brother Marc. Also the brothers and Chris continue their "Biggest Loser of All Time" tournament and listener Jimmy Zimmers plays Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia.
Andrew gets pushed by a Magooby's customer, Marc finds deeper meaning in the Kiss song "Calling Dr. Love" and a conversation about Russia possibly invading Ukraine leads to Chris admitting he's never played the board game "Risk." Also the first eight bouts in the "Biggest Loser of All-Time" Tournament including Tonya Harding vs. Lance Armstrong, Blockbuster Video vs.Saddam Hussein and Brigitte Nielson vs. Aaron Hernandez.  Also F.U Busted Out Trivia with listener Robert Hunter.