The guys talk about the Brussels terror attack and wonder what the capital of Luxembourg is. Plus stuff about the Hulk Hogan sex tape verdict, Ted Cruz's idiocy, Sarah Palin and Marc's troubles in directing "The Brothers Nobody" project. Also the Final Four of the "Things that Suck the Most About Presidential Elections" tournament is played out and F.U trivia with listener Mark Tipton.
While discussing the violence at Trump rallies, the brothers almost get violent with each other.  Also really funny stuff about drunk people in bars, Chris' first day as a Magoobys cook and, of course, politics.  Plus "The Thing That Sucks the Most About Presidential Elections" Tournament continues with Elite Eight matchups including "awkward appearances on Late Night talk shows vs. Invoking God all the time" and "Candidates Families vs. Never Answering a Direct Question"... Oh and comedian Erik Woodworth plays F.U Trivia to try to win a booking at the club.
The guys talk about Erin Andrew's lawsuit judgement, the type of people who support Donald Trump, who's getting clubbed to death on "The Walking Dead" and more. Plus the "Worst Thing about Presidential Elections" tournament continues and comedian Tommy Sinbazo plays F.U Trivia and talks about the table read of Marc's new scripts.
The brothers disagree about the movie "Deadpool", Marc admits he loves his wife more than he does Andrew and Andrew says something that might be the most disturbing thing he's ever uttered on the show.  Also talk about the Oscars, Donald Trump and a problem Marc's having with Maria. Plus FU Trivia with listener Michael McManus.