In this particularly raw and offensive episode the brothers and Chris discuss Marc's need to have children, Andrew's issue with his local fire department, Greek philosophers and whether or not slaves were forced to pick oranges. They also cover racists Cliven Bundy and Robert Sterling, new gun friendly laws in Georgia and listener Beth Johnson plays F.U Trivia.
This week Marc, Andrew and Chris celebrate Andrew's 46th birthday and we learn some interesting facts about Andrew's birth and infancy. Also conversations about Andrew's trip to the zoo, whether or not it's okay for Paul Walker's brothers to take over filming "Fast and Furious 7" and the sex lawsuit against "X-Men" director Bryan Singer. Plus F.U Trivia with loyal listener Jennifer Miller.
The brothers and Chris talk about the Snowden Affair and the Pulitzer Prize, CEOs making sick amounts of money and Marc wonders why Andrew lets his kids draw on the family room walls.  Also "The Biggest Loser of All-Time" champion is crowned and F.U Trivia with listener Kevin McCarthy.
Marc finds a board game called "Therapy" at a thrift store and forces the guys to play. Also conversations about "Hooters" restaurant, decriminalizing marijuana in Maryland and the "Biggest Loser of All-Time" tournament continues with great Sweet Sixteen matchups including Mel Gibson vs. the Third Reich and O.J Simpson vs. Ryan Leaf.  Plus F.U. trivia with listener James Bonham.
A discussion about Andrew's screaming kid and Marc's jumping dog almost leads to a blowout.  Plus the brothers and Chris talk about the movie "Noah," ad campaigns for porn websites and the "Biggest Loser of All Time" tournament continues with second round match ups featuring Bernie Maddoff vs. Sonny Bono, General George Custer vs. Elvis Presley and Mel Gibson vs. Lilo Broncato. Also Fighting Ungers Trivia with loyal listener Jay Parrish.