In an episode devoted mostly to the tragic riots in Baltimore, the guys offer sharply funny commentary asking the big questions like- "how would a Jewish mother react to her rioting son?" and "how come no one ever loots a bookstore?" Also stuff about Bruce Jenner's decision to live as a woman, a fight Andrew instigated between Marc and his wife and F.U Trivia with listener Donald Parks.

Marc and Chris talk about the final episode of "Justified" and whether or not it was better than the "Sopranos" finale. Andrew depresses everyone with his thoughts on aging and why he hasn't committed suicide yet.  Also, the guys engage in some serious woman bashing against women who deserve it including Michelle Bachmann, ESPN sideline reporter Britt McHenry and the ex Air Force/ Playboy chick who got arrested for snatching up a flag being burned during an organized protest. Plus F.U Trivia with listener Chris Yingling.
In one of the funniest episodes to date, The guys talk about the "free range parenting" couple in Maryland, the enormous increase in the number of Americans on anti depressants and a comedian who, on Facebook, made up lies about having terminal cancer.  Also the winner of the "Worst Thing of the 21st Century" is announced and a headliner at Magoobys shares way too much of his girlfriend with Andrew.  Plus F.U Trivia with listener Laura Foley.
The guys talk about the man in Las Vegas who killed himself at a casino buffet on Easter Sunday, Marc offers some interesting facts about a spice and Andrew defends himself against the accusation that he sometimes gets too high to communicate to his employees.  Also the Sweet Sixteen round of the "Worst Thing of the Twenty First Century" tournament presents some great match-ups including the word "hater" vs. cute pet videos and cellphone obsession vs. media weather scares. Plus F.U Trivia with listener John Gately.
The guys wonder why a drunk ghost shows up at your door on Passover and whether or not the blessing of the Ukrainian Easter Basket violates health code standards. Also conversations about new "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah, the cross dressing coke fiends gunned down in front of the NSA and the "Worst Thing of the 21st century" tournament continues with matchups including overuse of the word "epic" vs. duckface photos, celebrity tweets vs.the anti vaccination movement and more.  Plus F.U trivia with listener Andrew Milto.