Back from their  family vacations, Marc talks about ruining a balcony in Italy while Andrew talks about ruining a bathroom in Mexico.  Plus both brothers have funny airplane travel stories, Marc visits ancient Roman ruins and Andrew spends way too much time in Mexico posting on Facebook. The brothers also talk about the death of James Gandolfini, Paula Dean’s use of the “N-word” and a discussion about Atlanta sports radio show host “Steak” Shapiro and his mocking of former NFL player Steve Gleason who has ALS leads to a debate about what’s fair game on radio. Also the brothers play a great round of “Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia” with contestant Mandy May.
After a brief discussion of Marc’s wife’s menstrual cycle and how it affects his trip to Italy, the brothers debate which one is more intelligent and whether or not some listeners just think they’re both morons. Also Marc talks about his angst over touring the ruins at Pompeii, the brothers call out Sean Hannity for being a hypocrite  and comedian/actor Seaton Smith calls in to talk about shooting a pilot for NBC and the New York comedy scene but mostly gets verbally abused by Andrew for not contacting him looking for Magooby’s dates. Plus Fighting Unger’s “Busted Out Trivia” with listener John Kaburolulus.
The double suicide of two nationally known “life coaches” provides the perfect opening for this episode as the brothers discuss the couple’s suicide, Marc’s shirt, Andrew’s neurotic attempts to teach his eight year old son Ollie how to be a better baseball player, producer Chris and his lack of a future and Marc’s attempt to thwart a home invasion. Plus the brothers talk with Rob Maher and Joe Robinson from the “Rob and Joe Show” about the NSA whistle blower, the Baltimore/Washington comedy scene, Schindler’s List, and play “Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia” with devoted listener Mike Greeson. The longest episode we’ve ever done. Apologies in advance if we wasted your lives.
The 69th anniversary of the Allied forces D-Day invasion of France provides Andrew with an opportunity to get most of his historical facts wrong while a semi depressed Marc questions whether or not the podcast is even worth doing. Also the brothers talk about traveling to Israel, say nothing particularly funny about the FISA Court order giving the National Security Agency power to seize personal phone records, have an epic fight over a recent brotherly squabble where Marc felt Andrew once again proved his narcissism and play “Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia” with listener Phil Gobrecht.