Marc talks about his trip to Atlantic city and wonders why idiots pay to be pushed around in shopping carts on the Boardwalk. Also the brothers and Chris question whether or not Dick Cheney should be allowed to give advice on Iraq, how rare it is to score a tying goal in the last seconds of a World Cup soccer match and Andrew tries to articulate why he won't eat veal. Plus F.U. Busted Out Trivia with listener Charlie Kim.
This week the brothers and Chris talk about trouble in Iraq, the death of Casey Kasem, Father's Day and lots more. Plus Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia with listener Chris Gobrecht.
Andrew brags that he's a better baseball player than most 10 year olds, Marc gives his wife pages from his new screenplay to read and Chris decides which Fighting Unger would survive longer on a desert island.  Plus naked bicyclists, more on ex-POW Bergdahl and F.U Trivia with listener Beth Murphy.
Marc tells us why he was up late last night and has a brilliant idea for a thrift store, Andrew and Marc insult their sister in laws and we find out which drug Chris would most like to be addicted to. Also semi coherent talk about "Net Neutrality," moderately coherent talk about trading Guantanamo prisoners and brilliantly coherent talk about an 85 year old hooker. Plus F.U Trivia with listener Delores Smith.