A jam packed show as Andrew's 10 year old son Ollie finds Andrew's marijuana, Marc deals with the craziest student he's ever encountered and Chris has a cooking accident. Also great stuff about the Confederate flag, steamed clams and more.  Plus F.U Trivia with listener Michelle Ingrodi.
Hilarious talk this week about Rachel Dolezal, best movies of the 70's, Game of Thrones season finale, Donald Trump's entrance into the GOP presidential race and way more! Also F.U trivia with listener Dennis Cash.
The brothers attack each other a lot as they talk about police officers unwilling to make arrests out of fear of being accused of crimes themselves, the emotional strain the cop at the Texas pool party claims he was under and whether or not we should send soldiers back into Iraq. Also stuff about Jeb Bush and his past views on publicly shaming children and F.U Trivia with loyal listener Brandon Chalmers.
Here's a little bonus episode of something we deleted from Episode #122. It's about a sketch that comedian Amy Schumer did that Andrew went off about. Marc figured to spare his business we'd cut it, but doesn't want to deprive you of content, so enjoy!
Andrew ruins Marc's memorial to an old mentor and calls Caitlyn Jenner a lunatic. Plus the guys talk about Rashida Jones' documentary on amateur porn, whether or not Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn for money and a great interview with famed WWF personality Vince Russo from The Relm Network podcast "The Brand."  Also F.U Trivia with listener Kelly Collinsworth.