After Marc tries to clarify something he said on last week’s show, the brothers debate the question- “how much money do you have to have to be rich?” They also talk about last week’s bonding experience at a Steve Miller Band concert, Andrew’s inability to properly clean his feet and comedian/writer Jim Meyer sits in for a conversation about his writing career, standup comedy in Baltimore, the Fox News interview with religious scholar Reza Aslan, Gilligan’s Island, Andrew’s driving skills, Marc’s arrogance and helps contestant Dawn LeMay play “Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia.” Plus more of the “Who the Fighting Ungers Most Want to Punch in the Face” Tournament with eight matchups including Robert Pattinson vs. Joaquin Phoenix and “all life coaches” vs. Guy Fieri.
It takes the Fighting Ungers and producer Chris Lycholat all of three seconds to voice their disgust over the Prince William/Kate royal baby hoopla as both brothers offer their thoughts on how they hope the kid develops.  Also, George Zimmerman rescues four people from an overturned SUV. Marc gets abused by Andrew while offering a life lesson to the listeners, the brothers talk scary movies and pick the winners of the next eight match ups in the “Who The Fighting Ungers Want to Punch In the Face The Most” Tournament including a tight bout between Miley Cyrus and Roger Federer/Rafael Nadal. Plus “Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia” with contestant Jay Parrish and the brothers discuss whether or not the Rolling Stone magazine cover photo of the Boston Marathon bomber was too sexy.  Lots of yelling at each other too.
The brothers spend most of the episode arguing the issue of racism in America as it applies to George Zimmerman and the Trayvon Martin killing. There’s also a brief riff on Andrew’s chess skills, the latest on Edward Snowden and the brothers, along with Chris the producer, introduce the much anticipated “Who The Fighting Ungers Want to Punch in the Face the Most” Tournament with the first 8 matchups. Also actor/comedian/writer Ted Lyde calls in to weigh in on the George Zimmerman verdict, loyal listener Cindy Newton plays “Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia” and Marc misuses the word sieve.

NOTE TO LISTENERS- This episode is really long and sometimes, in talking about the Trayvon Martin killing, both brothers get repetitive. Feel free to fast forward as needed.

Andrew helps Marc move an air conditioner, Marc makes fun of Andrew’s glasses and both brothers decide producer Chris Lycholat is well on his way to becoming a loser. Plus Chris talks about his experience at the famed “Bunny Ranch” in Nevada and the brothers make a list of famous (and not so famous) people they want to punch in the face including the E*Trade baby, George Zimmerman, Roger Federer and a host of others.  Also check out Fighting Ungers “Busted Out” Trivia with listener Donald Parks and learn about the horribly inappropriate thing their father once did at a sacred national historical site.
In this July 4th weekend episode, the brothers talk about Marc and Maria’s third anniversary and whether or not Andrew was nice at his wedding. They also tackle the George Zimmerman trial, the Edward Snowden affair, the rapid decriminalization of marijuana across the country and producer Chris Lycholat’s experience selling most of his possessions at a flea market.  Plus long- time Baltimore radio personality Kirk McEwen calls in to talk about his hit podcast “The Kirk and Al Show”, his Tampa sports radio show,  the sudden death of James Gandolfini and much more.  Also “Busted Out Trivia” with loyal listener David K Miller.