Andrew ruins Marc's conversation about his upcoming trip to Florence by talking about death. Plus the guys discuss whether or not Jon Stewart should've secretly met with President Obama, Donald Trump's legitimacy as a GOP contender and much more! Also F.U Trivia with listener Dee Alvis.
Marc performs in Florida and ends up getting into an argument with a radio traffic person. Andrew talks about why he wouldn't be high around his children. Plus the guys cover the controversy surrounding the Target store "Trophy" shirt, more on Caitlyn Jenner and Mitsubishi apologizes for torturing American prisoners of war during WWII.  Also F.U. Trivia with listener Matt Kramer.
Andrew talks about his crazy neighbor, Marc calls 911 for no reason and shares another crab story plus the guys discuss dogs, the Iran deal, the evils of cocaine and much more.  Also F.U Trivia with listener Marty Day.
In a jam packed and hilarious episode the guys talk about Andrew's family trip to Mexico and how he got ripped off, Marc's smut talking neighbor, Uber, Bill Cosby, Jared the Subway guy's FBI raid, whether or not all statues of Confederate soldiers should be removed and much more!  Also F.U Trivia with listener Chris Swann.
With Andrew on vacation, here's a double feature of great past episodes. From Ep 23, Marc celebrates his third wedding anniversary and the guys talk with 98rock's Kirk McEwen about the death of James Gandolfini and much more! From Ep 3, Marc and Andrew talk about a night of brotherly bonding that nearly turned into a fist fight.  A classic!  Enjoy... Back with a new episode next week.