With military action in Syria looming, the brothers and Chris the producer choose to ignore that completely and instead weigh in on the Miley Cyrus “twerking” incident as well as the “Ben Affleck cast as Batman” furor. Plus long time radio personality JoJo Girard sits in to talk about his career in radio, why Top 40 music could make you want to blow your brains out and Marc feels compelled to share a sexual experience from his past. Also the “Who The Fighting Ungers Want to Punch in the Face the Most” tournament continues with 2nd round matchups including “All Life Coaches” vs The Kardashians and Sarah Palin vs. Joaquin Phoenix and contestant Bob Betz Sr. plays “Busted Out Trivia”
With Andrew running late as usual, Marc and Chris the producer start the podcast without him. While covering topics including President Obama’s comments about Kim Kardashian, Andrew’s constant lateness, Chris’ affection for pro wrestling, Andrew’s constant lateness, Marc’s hatred for the way Fox news is covering Al Jazeera America and Andrew’s lateness, the two wonder whether Andrew will show up at all.

Plus Fighting Ungers Trivia with contestant Tom Moon and matchups in the “Who The Fighting Ungers Want to Punch in The Face the Most” Tournament include Justice Scalia vs. “Ellen Degeneres when she dances” and Gwyneth Paltrow (except in Iron Man movies) vs. Rafael Nadal/Roger Federer. Does the contest continue? Only if Andrew shows up.

This week the brothers, minus Chris the producer, talk about the episode that might’ve been, Andrew’s new weight loss strategy and whether or not he should own a truck, the Republican Party’s reaction to a tv movie about Hilary Clinton, Japanese atrocities during World World II and the percentage of BMW owners who suffer from road rage. Also the “Who The Fighting Ungers Want to Punch in the Face the Most” tournament continues with second round matchups including Anderson Cooper vs. Jon Bon Jovi, Angelina Jolie vs. Ryan Seacrest and Grover Nordquist vs. Kate Middleton. Plus, dealing with technical issues, the brothers find a different way to play “Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia.”
This episode finds Marc particularly annoyed at Andrew’s lack of focus and overall ignorance which leads Andrew to want to punch Marc in the face. Also discussions about Edward Snowden’s defection to Russia, Anthony Weiner and his sexting habits, the greatest scam artist ever and Ted Nugent’s comment that Trayvon Martin “got what he deserved.” Plus the final eight 1st round matchups in the “Who the Fighting Ungers Want to Punch in the Face the Most” tournament including Donald Trump vs. John Travolta, Guys who watch soccer in bars vs. Lil Wayne and J-Lo vs. Tiger Woods. And loyal listener Mike Vealy plays a revamped version of “Busted Out Trivia.”