A great show almost gets ugly when Marc and Andrew start arguing about Michael Brown and the shooting in Ferguson. Also, Marc regrets not being more vocal in his liberalism, Andrew buys a new car and Chris gets marital advice on how to deal with in-laws. Also F.U Busted Out Trivia with listener Dan Schepers.
Marc's dog isn't very nice to a chicken, Chris' bachelor party sucked and Andrew wonders why someone would own jars filled with penises. Also talk about the protests in Ferguson, necrophilia and much more.  Plus F.U Trivia with listener Patrick Withrow.
Marc and Chris finally get fed up with Andrew's lateness which leads to some serious lack of brotherly love. Also, the guys talk about the death of Robin Williams and his reputation  as a joke thief, make fun of Guy Fieri, and Andrew deals with an issue involving a rival comedy club. Plus F.U Trivia with listener Dave Ricklin.
Andrew's not happy about a negative "Yelp" review Wits End Saloon received and gets chastised by Marc for his managerial style. Also the guys talk about celebrities weighing in on the Gaza conflict, whether or not Andrew is a genuine person and the brothers offer Chris the producer marital advice. Plus Fighting Unger Trivia with listener Kat Soul.