In an episode heavy on low brow humor and children, the brothers, along with Chris the producer, talk about Woodstock, Andrew's kids and their karate test, slavery reenactments, infanticide, Andrew's late night food binge, Breaking Bad (against Andrew's wishes)and the winner of the "Who the Fighting Ungers Want to Punch in the Face the Most Tournament" is finally announced. Plus listener Andrea Eiblum plays "Busted Out" Trivia.
After a mostly depressing conversation about their mother's teeth and apartment, the brothers are joined on the phone by comedian Jimmy Dore, host of the wildly hilarious political comedy podcast "The Jimmy Dore Show." They talk about drone strikes in Yemen, fist fights in Chicago, Syria, President Obama, the 2016 Presidential election and Jimmy's really screwed up family. Also, Marc shares a story about a gig which causes Andrew to laugh harder than he has in years.  If you're into politics, THIS IS THE SHOW FOR YOU!
In the wake of the D.C Navy Yard shooting, the brothers, along with Chris the producer, spend a good deal of time talking about guns and offer an interesting suggestion on how to protect movie theaters. Other topics include Kristen Stewart and her $500,000 "date", pet turtles, Marc's dissatisfaction with the villains on the final season of "Breaking Bad," Andrew's attempt to hijack Marc's Facebook page on his birthday and the final sweet sixteen match-ups in the "Who The Fighting Ungers Want to Punch in the Face the Most Tournament" include bouts featuring John Travolta vs. "people too into yoga" and Joaquin Phoenix vs. Sean Hannity. Also, listener Lee Moses plays "Busted Out Trivia."
In a bonus episode that highlights just how dysfunctional the communication patterns between Marc and Andrew really are, the brothers discuss Andrew's fixation with young girls, Marc's fixation with his neighbor's tomatoes and comedian Joe Matarese, host of the popular "Fixing Joe" podcast sits in to talk about his career, comedy in general, his really smart wife, Valerie Harper's appearance on "Dancing With the Stars" and the brothers trip to a baseball game that went horribly wrong.  Also, as usual, Andrew is abusive and asks Joe a few really inappropriate questions. Oh and he threatens to punch Marc twice in the episode.
This week Marc celebrates his birthday and reveals the biggest mistake he's made in his career. Andrew talks about the game "Candy Crush" and asks a pointless question about the NFL.  And the brothers, along with Chris the producer, move through a slew of topics including, among other things, the ever changing situation in Syria, Rush Limbaugh's racist comments about President Obama and whether or not it should be legal to dispose of dead relatives in wood chippers. Also the sweet sixteen round begins in the "Who The Fighting Ungers Want to Punch in the Face the Most Tournament" with match-ups including Jon Bon Jovi vs. Grover Nordquist and Roger Federer/Rafael Nadal vs. Anyone on a "Paleo" Diet. Finally, loyal listener, Melanie Luttrell, plays "Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia."
This week Andrew forgets today’s his 21st wedding anniversary which leads to a conversation about Andrew adding some romance to his marriage. Also Marc discusses his irrational hatred of his neighbor and her tomatoes, the brothers and Chris talk about crime and the NFL, Andrew’s managerial skills as a comedy club owner and a debate on the U.S/Syria conflict ends with both brothers annoyed at one another. Plus the final second round matchups in the “Who the Fighting Ungers Want to Punch in the Face the Most” tournament include Lil Wayne vs. John Travolta and “people who walk and talk using bluetooth” vs. Jennifer Lopez. Finally, during “Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia” with contestant Matthew Fischer, we learn about their father’s motivational skills.