In a hilariously frenetic episode, the guys move from water on Mars to Marc's dinner party experience to George Zimmerman's demented Twitter postings. Also stuff about Matt Damon, Edward Snowden and the game "Apples to Apples" is played.  Plus F.U Trivia with listener Michael Wilkins.
Andrew wonders if the Pope ever gets depressed because he might be passing down the word of a fictional character. Marc wonders what else Volkswagon lied about. Also conversations about the peanut butter C.E.O who's going to prison, whether or not we should build a wall around the U.S and the guys read the second episode of "The Brothers Nobody" with guest actress Melissa LaMartina who also plays F.U Trivia.
The guys talk Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and why watching NFL football is starting to suck.  Also, Marc argues with his "Millenial" neighbor, the guys play a board game called "Chronology" and F.U Trivia with listener Bec Dee.
Andrew does his best to ruin the podcast's celebration of Marc's 50th birthday and explains why he gets nauseous if he eats food he's cooked.  Marc offers middle aged wisdom and wonders whether any of the villains from the Batman TV show are still alive.  Also more talk about Kim Davis and FU trivia with listener Jay Parrish.
A conversation about "Fear the Walking Dead" morphs into a debate about the clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Also stuff about the death of Wayne Dyer, whether or not it's okay for James Bond to be portrayed by a Black actor and Andrew books Marc for what could be the worst gig ever. Plus the guys table read Marc's newest script and F.U Trivia with listener Tom Rucker.