The brothers, along with Chris the producer, discuss traveling stuffed animals, whether or not comedians and their joke tweets should be protected from attacks, Andrew's disgust with Christians eating bagels and the NSA spying on world leaders.  Also loyal listener Rebecca Hodges plays "Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia" and Marc recalls both a horribly tasteless t.v commercial and a really bad movie from the mid-Eighties. Finally, during a discussion of the Showtime series "Homeland", Andrew gets bored and just starts throwing out names of Stephen King novels. 

CORRECTION- Marc wasn't paying attention when Andrew said that George W. Bush uttered the phrase "mission accomplished" or he would've pointed out that Andrew's an idiot because Bush never said that. 
In a Halloween episode that mostly consists of Chris the producer playing scary music from cellphone, the brothers talk about Andrew's daughter's inappropriate Halloween costume, whether or not Marc and his wife should party in costume this year and what those costumes should be, the Obamacare website and Marc's new therapist.  Plus Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia with contestant Erin Chado.
In this week's bonus episode the brothers manage to turn an interview with comedy legend Richard Lewis,one of their idols, into a therapy session with Lewis as the therapist. They talk about Andrew's sex with his wife, death, narcissism, alcoholism and Richard Lewis calls Andrew out on his insanity.  Afterwards, the brothers argue about whether or not the interview went well.  WARNING- THIS EPISODE COULD INDUCE A PANIC ATTACK!
This week the brothers beg Chris the producer to let them come to his wedding. Plus they argue about important issues like where the guy who invented the "Pet Rock" got the rocks, whether or not African-Americans like shrimp and which brother is funnier.  There's also "Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia" with contestant Stefanie Owings and conversations about reality TV stars and suicide, the debt ceiling and why Marc stopped watching football.
This week Marc showers Andrew with brotherly love which causes Andrew to get angry and uncomfortable.  Plus the brothers, along with Chris the producer, discuss a bunch of stuff Marc pulls out of the latest issue of Time magazine including the "vaping" fad, Obamacare and the new education initiative called Common Core. Also a salesman interrupts the show to give Andrew and Marc calendars, Marc talks about a script he's writing and why Andrew's a sh*tty writer and listener Wendy Fridley plays "Busted Out Trivia" where we learn about Andrew's experience as a burglar.
A fight about painting the new bar at Magooby's leads to Marc accusing Andrew of being a narcissist and Andrew calling Marc a liar. Also, during the most twisted conversation about the government shutdown you're likely to hear, Andrew wonders why we should care about NASA, whether or not Marc wears pajamas to bed and what exactly the Tea Party Movement's all about. Plus "Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia with listener Chris Schoen and a thoughtful conversation between Chris the producer and Marc about the "Breaking Bad" finale gets ruined by Andrew.