Andrew offers radical measures for dealing with the Ebola crisis and makes fun of Marc and his wife wearing costumes for Halloween. Plus, Marc gets angry at people who post dying pet stories on Facebook, a heated debate about white people painting their faces brown and dressing up as Ray Rice and best horror movies of all time.  Also F.U Trivia with loyal listener Adrian Baylor.
Marc rants about his landlord deciding to make his apartment building "smoke free" even though the neighborhood's infested with crime... Then a very interesting thing happens. Also comedian Kevin Bartini calls in to talk about a street in NYC being renamed George Carlin Way and the guys cover the demise of Atlantic City, the Ebola virus, "The Walking Dead" premiere and whether or not "Breaking Bad" action figures should be sold at Toys R Us.  Plus F.U Trivia with loyal listener Paul Isaacson. 
The guys talk about the difference between watching pro football and Major League Baseball, pick the greatest American rock band of all time, offer marital advice to newly married Chris and play a board game. Also F.U Trivia with loyal listener Rob Kincaid.
Andrew gets angry because Chris didn't invite the brothers to his wedding, Marc defines what hack comedy is and pokes fun at Andrew's mother in law and the brothers wonder how long it'll be before Chris and his bride pop out a kid. Also conversations about the Ben Affleck/Bill Maher Muslim exchange, an American who's fighting with the Kurds and F.U Trivia with listener Nate Smythe.
Because of a pre-wedding meeting, Chris blows off a chance to go to Game 1 of the Orioles playoffs and the brothers don't take it well. Plus talk about the ineptitude of drugstore cashiers, Michael Phelps' DUI, the Washington Redskins and why living in the suburbs is hell. Also comedy legend DAVE ATTELL calls in to talk about the gig he's doing with Marc at Rams Head on Oct. 3rd and F.U Trivia with loyal listener Kevin Perkins.