Andrew offers an update on his penis issues that Marc doesn't really want to hear about. Also great stuff about Halloween trivia, horror films, the Republican debate, anal sex and much more! Plus F.U Trivia with Baltimore radio personality, Amelia from 98Rock.
Andrew's having a problem with his penis, Marc dissects the movie "The Martian" and the guys talk about Johnny Manziel, the son of a British film director who joined Al Qaeda and much more.  Also Fighting Ungers Triva with listener Kandyce August.
In a gem of an episode the guys cover a lot of ground including Mike Huckabee's tweet during the first Democratic Party debate, the drunk UConn student's YouTube apology, a woman who sued her 12 year old nephew, the looming threat of WWIII and Andrew's infatuation with Bernie Sanders. Also F.U Trivia with listener Joshua Weber.
Andrew thinks he's dying again and Marc hopes he means it this time.  Also great stuff about the kid at UConn who got arrested over mac and cheese, gun control, Kim Davis, slutwalks and lots more! Plus F.U Trivia with listener Joe Ripple.