In their first ever Thanksgiving episode, the brothers and Chris the producer talk about Marc's roast turkey cooking skills, Andrew's laziness, the Macy's Day parade and whether or not poultry have penises. Also stuff about Obamacare, Hurricane Katrina, "Hobby Lobby" and how Marc got his nose bitten.  Plus Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia with contestant Eric Stehmer.
This week Marc shows off his very limited guitar skills, Andrew describes the lengths he'd go to in enticing an "A" list headliner to appear at his comedy club and the brothers wonder whether or not KKK meetings include a buffet. There's also horribly offensive conversations about Alec Baldwin and gay slurs, "BatKid" and the Make a Wish Foundation and Marc's upcoming 30 year high school reunion.  Plus loyal listener Tom Purvis plays Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia.
Marc bitches about conservative talk radio hosts as well as his quest for a new guitar. Andrew claims Pauly Shore has finally led him down the path towards good health and offers an opinion on why Canada is better than America. Plus, the brothers, along with the Chris the producer, question whether or not a recently paralyzed hunter, woken from sedation, has the proper mindset to decided if he should be taken off life support.  Also Fighting Ungers "Busted Out Trivia" with contestant James Bonham.
After a few episodes of relative calm, the brothers go at it hard and fast early when a discussion about public radio fundraising drives leads to an argument.  Also the brothers offer far differing opinions on comedienne Jenn Tisdale's decision to do a porn shoot, yell at Chris the producer for yawning and talk about the woman who dressed up as a Boston Marathon survivor for Halloween and a recent report about doctors aiding the CIA in torturing suspected terrorists. Also "Busted Out Trivia" with loyal listener Stacey Donovan.