Marc continues to agonize over his failing career and wonders if he needs therapy. Andrew would like to experience pregnancy and the guys talk about racial profiling, Comcast customer service and more. Also Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia with loyal listener Elise Major Whiteford.
The guys talk about Jerry Seinfeld's self diagnosis of autism, Bill Cosby's rape allegations and Andrew gets really angry about a list of American foods that foreigners won't eat.  Also F.U trivia with loyal listener and local baseball writer Charlie Vascellaro who hangs around for some Baltimore Orioles conversation.
This week the brothers and Chris question whether or not it's really rape when you're a fifteen year old boy and she's a hot, former Ravens cheerleader.  Also, Marc gets gouged by Uber on Halloween, Andrew berates Marc for taking advantage of a simple minded CD dealer and a riveting conversation about dowels. Plus F.U Trivia with listener and hilarious local comedian Stavros Halkias.