The brothers talk about whether or not Marc should get back into therapy, Facebook's responsibility in allowing fake news to circulate and wonder whether or not Buddhist Monks have to wear their pjs all the time.  Also, Marc takes a Democratic Party survey, Andrew questions the definition of autism and Is Trump settling down?
Marc explains why Andrew is a menace to society and shouldn't be allowed to play video games.  Also, the brothers plan their yearly family trips, Andrew wonders why he wakes up every morning hoping for bad news about Trump and the guys skewer Trump's first three weeks as President or whatever the hell he is.
The brothers talk about Trump's absurd and dangerous travel ban, how Andrew wants to make love to Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch's wife and the movie "LA, LA Land".  Plus about five minutes worth of pointless Super Bowl analysis.
Marc and Andrew say goodbye to Chris as the third Fighting Unger (he's still producing) by not caring that much and wonder if he's still doing his wrestling podcast. Also Andrew makes fun of Marc for doing the hashtag thing, Marc actually uses the name Trump and stuff about the Oscars nominees, the punching of Richard Spencer, Trump's first few days and more.
This week Chris is back as the guys spend way too much time talking about the DNA test Marc gave his dog.  Of course, they still find time to bash Donald Trump and his supporters, talk a little about the Meryl Streep speech and mock Chris. 
Marc offers praise to Natalie Portman and her performance as Jackie Onassis but Andrew's not buying it.  Also talk about Andrew's post coital ritual, Marc's upcoming trip to the U.K and the weight he's added since quitting smoking and stuff about the idiocy that is Trumpf**k and his support. Oh and much more!
The brothers continue to analyze the Trump fiasco with Andrew playing devil's advocate which, of course, leads to a fight.  Also Andrew has a great plan on how women's reproductive rights concerns can be assuaged by appealing to Trumpty Dumpty's ego and Marc reviews Star Wars Rogue One.

Chris can't be there so the brothers go free form with great riffs about Trump's Cabinet, the Idiocracy of America, ways to protest this travesty and much more about Trump and his idiot minions.
In a rapid  paced, hilarious episode Marc's bid to quit smoking continues, Andrew plans the future for his children and lots of talk about which Trump voters were actually the dumbest.  Also Marc sees the most depressing film of all time and F.U Trivia with listener Alton Albert.
More explanation about why Trump's election is lunacy.  Also is Jon Stewart a sell out? Can Marc quit smoking?  Plus Russian ice skaters perform an abominable routine and FU trivia with listener Dawn Lamay.