The guys talk about the Brussels terror attack and wonder what the capital of Luxembourg is. Plus stuff about the Hulk Hogan sex tape verdict, Ted Cruz's idiocy, Sarah Palin and Marc's troubles in directing "The Brothers Nobody" project. Also the Final Four of the "Things that Suck the Most About Presidential Elections" tournament is played out and F.U trivia with listener Mark Tipton.
In a shortened episode (you'll find out why when you listen) the guys talk about the power of music, Ted Cruz, George Zimmerman's comments about the shooting of Trayvon Martin and why Marc is "breaking up" with the band "Rush". Also F.U Trivia with listener Yaz Talay.
Taped during a big show at Magooby's, this rush-job of an episode has the guys talking about the Starbucks #RaceTogether Campaign, The Walking Dead and whether or not Benjamin Netanyahu wants all goyim to die. Also, the second round of The Worst Thing of the 21st Century Tournament begins and F.U. Busted Out Trivia with listener Colby Szekalski.