While discussing the violence at Trump rallies, the brothers almost get violent with each other.  Also really funny stuff about drunk people in bars, Chris' first day as a Magoobys cook and, of course, politics.  Plus "The Thing That Sucks the Most About Presidential Elections" Tournament continues with Elite Eight matchups including "awkward appearances on Late Night talk shows vs. Invoking God all the time" and "Candidates Families vs. Never Answering a Direct Question"... Oh and comedian Erik Woodworth plays F.U Trivia to try to win a booking at the club.
Andrew does his best to ruin the podcast's celebration of Marc's 50th birthday and explains why he gets nauseous if he eats food he's cooked.  Marc offers middle aged wisdom and wonders whether any of the villains from the Batman TV show are still alive.  Also more talk about Kim Davis and FU trivia with listener Jay Parrish.