This week Marc's in a bad mood and Andrew does very little to cheer him up. Also stuff about the Starbucks "red cup" controversy, the latest James Bond movie, the University of Missouri football team and the guys read episode three of "The Brothers Nobody".  Plus F.U Trivia with listener Erich Kuhn.
This week the brothers trash Chris Lycholat's GoFundMe campaign, Daniel Craig's cranky attitude and each other's business acumen.  Also a long conversation about asexuality and whether or not all the various gender subcategories are getting a bit out of hand and more.  Plus F.U Trivia with listener Joe Brodell.
A conversation about "Fear the Walking Dead" morphs into a debate about the clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Also stuff about the death of Wayne Dyer, whether or not it's okay for James Bond to be portrayed by a Black actor and Andrew books Marc for what could be the worst gig ever. Plus the guys table read Marc's newest script and F.U Trivia with listener Tom Rucker.