The guys talk about "The People vs. O.J Simpson", Marc offers his opinion on the FX show "Louie" and the "Worst Thing About Presidential Elections" tournament begins with the first eight match-ups. Also stuff about Super Bowl 50 and F.U Trivia with listener Nick Frisone. 
With Chris not there, the brothers probably spend too much time debating Marc's business idea.  Also Super Bowl predictions, more love for Bernie Sanders and the guys toss around ideas for a new tournament called "MOST ANNOYING THING ABOUT PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS."  Sorry, no F.U Trivia this week.
Andrew's having a problem with his penis, Marc dissects the movie "The Martian" and the guys talk about Johnny Manziel, the son of a British film director who joined Al Qaeda and much more.  Also Fighting Ungers Triva with listener Kandyce August.
The guys talk Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and why watching NFL football is starting to suck.  Also, Marc argues with his "Millenial" neighbor, the guys play a board game called "Chronology" and F.U Trivia with listener Bec Dee.
Chris Carter's advice to NFL rookies leads to a heated argument between the brothers,  Marc can't seem to put his Florence vacation behind him and the guys discuss whether or not it's okay for Jared Fogle to be raped in prison.   Also Marc has an interesting take on the former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader who was convicting of molesting a 15 year old and Fighting Ungers Trivia with listener Rob Thompson
Marc tries to quit smoking and struggles with his writing, Andrew's too happy to want anyone dead this week and the guys talk about Deflategate, George Zimmerman, the family with the autistic child who were removed from a United Airlines flight and more.  Plus F.U Trivia with listener Matt Proctor.