The brothers attack each other a lot as they talk about police officers unwilling to make arrests out of fear of being accused of crimes themselves, the emotional strain the cop at the Texas pool party claims he was under and whether or not we should send soldiers back into Iraq. Also stuff about Jeb Bush and his past views on publicly shaming children and F.U Trivia with loyal listener Brandon Chalmers.
This week, Marc and Chris do their best to ruin the new Avengers movie for Andrew, the brothers yell at each other about Freddy Gray's arrest record and Marc makes the others nervous when he starts mocking the prophet Mohammed's voice. Also F.U Trivia with listener Phil Gentile.
In an episode devoted mostly to the tragic riots in Baltimore, the guys offer sharply funny commentary asking the big questions like- "how would a Jewish mother react to her rioting son?" and "how come no one ever loots a bookstore?" Also stuff about Bruce Jenner's decision to live as a woman, a fight Andrew instigated between Marc and his wife and F.U Trivia with listener Donald Parks.