The guys talk about the Brussels terror attack and wonder what the capital of Luxembourg is. Plus stuff about the Hulk Hogan sex tape verdict, Ted Cruz's idiocy, Sarah Palin and Marc's troubles in directing "The Brothers Nobody" project. Also the Final Four of the "Things that Suck the Most About Presidential Elections" tournament is played out and F.U trivia with listener Mark Tipton.
Andrew ruins Marc's memorial to an old mentor and calls Caitlyn Jenner a lunatic. Plus the guys talk about Rashida Jones' documentary on amateur porn, whether or not Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn for money and a great interview with famed WWF personality Vince Russo from The Relm Network podcast "The Brand."  Also F.U Trivia with listener Kelly Collinsworth.
In an episode that's mostly about themselves, Andrew and Chris run into each other at a WWE event and prove they're both an embarrassment, Marc goes to a flea market and proves his life's an embarrassment and the guys perform a table read of Marc's new comedy short film script which may or may not be an embarrassment. Also F.U Trivia with listener Nick Notarangelo.