More explanation about why Trump's election is lunacy.  Also is Jon Stewart a sell out? Can Marc quit smoking?  Plus Russian ice skaters perform an abominable routine and FU trivia with listener Dawn Lamay. 
Andrew ruins Marc's conversation about his upcoming trip to Florence by talking about death. Plus the guys discuss whether or not Jon Stewart should've secretly met with President Obama, Donald Trump's legitimacy as a GOP contender and much more! Also F.U Trivia with listener Dee Alvis.
The guys wonder why a drunk ghost shows up at your door on Passover and whether or not the blessing of the Ukrainian Easter Basket violates health code standards. Also conversations about new "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah, the cross dressing coke fiends gunned down in front of the NSA and the "Worst Thing of the 21st century" tournament continues with matchups including overuse of the word "epic" vs. duckface photos, celebrity tweets vs.the anti vaccination movement and more.  Plus F.U trivia with listener Andrew Milto.