Andrew's email pisses off the dance moms in his daughter's dance troupe. Marc's pissed about the season finale of "The Walking Dead". Plus the guys talk about Marc's brush with the law, Chris Lycholat's pay and the winner of the "Thing That Sucks the Most about Presidential Elections" Tournament is announced. Also FU Trivia with listener Matti Lepper.
The guys talk about Erin Andrew's lawsuit judgement, the type of people who support Donald Trump, who's getting clubbed to death on "The Walking Dead" and more. Plus the "Worst Thing about Presidential Elections" tournament continues and comedian Tommy Sinbazo plays F.U Trivia and talks about the table read of Marc's new scripts.
Marc questions why he's bothered by the amount of money Andrew spent on his son Ollie's new bass guitar and also why he's still watching "The Walking Dead".  Also lots of stuff about Trump supporters, the death of Justice Scalia and a heated debate about Peyton Manning's sexual assault case.  Plus the "Things That Suck About Presidential Elections" tournament continues and F.U Trivia with listener Casey Dickerson. 
Andrew offers an update on his penis issues that Marc doesn't really want to hear about. Also great stuff about Halloween trivia, horror films, the Republican debate, anal sex and much more! Plus F.U Trivia with Baltimore radio personality, Amelia from 98Rock.
A conversation about "Fear the Walking Dead" morphs into a debate about the clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Also stuff about the death of Wayne Dyer, whether or not it's okay for James Bond to be portrayed by a Black actor and Andrew books Marc for what could be the worst gig ever. Plus the guys table read Marc's newest script and F.U Trivia with listener Tom Rucker.
In a shortened episode (you'll find out why when you listen) the guys talk about the power of music, Ted Cruz, George Zimmerman's comments about the shooting of Trayvon Martin and why Marc is "breaking up" with the band "Rush". Also F.U Trivia with listener Yaz Talay.
Taped during a big show at Magooby's, this rush-job of an episode has the guys talking about the Starbucks #RaceTogether Campaign, The Walking Dead and whether or not Benjamin Netanyahu wants all goyim to die. Also, the second round of The Worst Thing of the 21st Century Tournament begins and F.U. Busted Out Trivia with listener Colby Szekalski.