In this episode Marc and Andrew, along with producer Chris Lycholat, discuss Marc’s big marriage problem plus a fight about which brother buys the better gifts, Andrew’s insane reasons for not sleeping with two hot celebrities, a pointless look at the American Revolution and Miss Teen Delaware steps down after it’s discovered she likes to do porn.



05/31/2015 3:04pm

Education makes us powerful to act boldly and effectively so that at any time we can face some accidental condition. There is big distinction between the prospective of an educated and uneducated person.

03/10/2017 2:12am

It seems like episode 5 is full of exciting events. Among the characters of The Fighting Ungers, it's Marc's character that is really interesting. Every episode caters a certain problem that has to be solve at the end. The concept of this show is simple but educational. Andrew's character is also interesting, I just find Marc's more lovable. I'm pretty excited for the chunks of episode 6.


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