A conversation that begins with Marc suggesting Andrew’s wife might leave him and plumbing issues somehow leads to a long and winding diatribe on puppetry, Chastity Bono and the death penalty.  Plus the brothers cover disgraced politician  Anthony Weiner and his bid to become New York City’s next mayor, Michelle Bachmann’s fall from grace, male crooners of the Sixties and Seventies who might be gay and “Game of Thrones” business practices.  Also loyal Fighting Ungers listener and actor Jeffrey Weissman, who portrayed the character George McFly in the films “Back to the Future II” and “Back to the Future III”, plays Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia.



Researcher can use note book for writing events he can also use a tape recorder especially whenever he is going to take an interview from any concerned person. Video cameras are also use in observations.


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