The double suicide of two nationally known “life coaches” provides the perfect opening for this episode as the brothers discuss the couple’s suicide, Marc’s shirt, Andrew’s neurotic attempts to teach his eight year old son Ollie how to be a better baseball player, producer Chris and his lack of a future and Marc’s attempt to thwart a home invasion. Plus the brothers talk with Rob Maher and Joe Robinson from the “Rob and Joe Show” about the NSA whistle blower, the Baltimore/Washington comedy scene, Schindler’s List, and play “Fighting Ungers Busted Out Trivia” with devoted listener Mike Greeson. The longest episode we’ve ever done. Apologies in advance if we wasted your lives.


02/11/2017 7:27am

well post


It is an interesting post to read. It tells us about the story of two brothers who used to fight always. In the conclusion the big brother kills the small one and this story converts into a sorrow.


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