Andrew helps Marc move an air conditioner, Marc makes fun of Andrew’s glasses and both brothers decide producer Chris Lycholat is well on his way to becoming a loser. Plus Chris talks about his experience at the famed “Bunny Ranch” in Nevada and the brothers make a list of famous (and not so famous) people they want to punch in the face including the E*Trade baby, George Zimmerman, Roger Federer and a host of others.  Also check out Fighting Ungers “Busted Out” Trivia with listener Donald Parks and learn about the horribly inappropriate thing their father once did at a sacred national historical site.


02/27/2017 7:27am

I am getting wonderful tips and useful tips here after reading this helpful fightingungers blog. Mainly it has been updating about the fighting ungers episodes 24, really all are enjoying the episodes.

07/03/2017 12:11am

There was nothing big that happened on Episode 24. Everything was plain. Honestly, I expected a lot that's why I feel so disappointed right now. I thought that George Zimmerman is going to tell all the secrets to Andrew. George knows how much Andrew needs to know the truth, but what he did was totally opposite. I am hoping that episode 25 would be more exciting!


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