In the wake of the D.C Navy Yard shooting, the brothers, along with Chris the producer, spend a good deal of time talking about guns and offer an interesting suggestion on how to protect movie theaters. Other topics include Kristen Stewart and her $500,000 "date", pet turtles, Marc's dissatisfaction with the villains on the final season of "Breaking Bad," Andrew's attempt to hijack Marc's Facebook page on his birthday and the final sweet sixteen match-ups in the "Who The Fighting Ungers Want to Punch in the Face the Most Tournament" include bouts featuring John Travolta vs. "people too into yoga" and Joaquin Phoenix vs. Sean Hannity. Also, listener Lee Moses plays "Busted Out Trivia."


08/18/2016 4:52am

The fighting Ungers is the best show to watch and I have follows this show daily. It is really good comedy show and I like the dialogues which was really hilarious. Keep posting the episodes daily in this blog.


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