Andrew gets angry because Chris didn't invite the brothers to his wedding, Marc defines what hack comedy is and pokes fun at Andrew's mother in law and the brothers wonder how long it'll be before Chris and his bride pop out a kid. Also conversations about the Ben Affleck/Bill Maher Muslim exchange, an American who's fighting with the Kurds and F.U Trivia with listener Nate Smythe.


12/04/2016 11:04am

Oh! this drama is really good I read and listen the audio of its before and it really interesting. Because its about two brothers and their relation they often fight with each other due to small reason. So all the visitor must visit this page and don't miss it.


I am surprised that Chris has done this and I never thought that this episode will be that entertaining. I will wait for the future post about it and I hope that the thrill will not disappear. I will wait patiently and I will support this story. A story that is unique and I am confident that it will be demanded because it has a great story. A story that will keep you asking for more. A story that will never disappoint you.


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