The brothers disagree about the movie "Deadpool", Marc admits he loves his wife more than he does Andrew and Andrew says something that might be the most disturbing thing he's ever uttered on the show.  Also talk about the Oscars, Donald Trump and a problem Marc's having with Maria. Plus FU Trivia with listener Michael McManus.


10/19/2016 6:11pm

I would like to gather many posts on fighting ungers episode. I have seen a lot episodes on this program and thanks for every update given in this blog, and thanks to all of the users.

05/14/2017 3:24pm

Deadpool is a pretty cool comedy movie despite I don't like Marvel universe. This dude is totally nailed all the super heroes.

05/30/2017 3:12am

Dead pool is a good movie is which you can see the fight and some serious joke. The costume of the dead pool is so elegant and so graceful. The ending point of this movie is full of the fighting and full of the interesting.

07/03/2017 2:59am

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