The guys talk about the Brussels terror attack and wonder what the capital of Luxembourg is. Plus stuff about the Hulk Hogan sex tape verdict, Ted Cruz's idiocy, Sarah Palin and Marc's troubles in directing "The Brothers Nobody" project. Also the Final Four of the "Things that Suck the Most About Presidential Elections" tournament is played out and F.U trivia with listener Mark Tipton.


In the episode-160, you've posted all time great and wonderful news about Brussels terror attack, which is the most powerful and important issue. I listen audio post that is full of authentic news and i thanks to you that you have to take serious action to post this article.

12/12/2016 4:23am

You have shared about the Brussels terror attack and the recent presidential elections for the 160th episode. Brussels terror attack was one of the most horrendous terrorist attacks in the history. It terrified me and the entire world for the attacks were unceasing. I wish that this won't happen ever again and the police force prevent this terrible event from happening again. We don't want lives be wasted for senseless killings. I wish that justice be claimed for those lives that were taken in the terror attack.

05/14/2017 3:26pm

The past year was horrible , all this retracts. When does FBI do away with them.

07/03/2017 2:58am

thank you


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