In a rapid  paced, hilarious episode Marc's bid to quit smoking continues, Andrew plans the future for his children and lots of talk about which Trump voters were actually the dumbest.  Also Marc sees the most depressing film of all time and F.U Trivia with listener Alton Albert.


12/28/2016 12:17pm

Well we don't know exactly that those voters are dump or not, it just now depends on Trump that how good he tries to run the country or to destroy the country. Its totally up to him now.

03/25/2017 5:23am

I think it's too early to judge our President and his voters either. Well, some of us just do not agree with some of his policies. I know that there are some lapses, but remember that there's no such a perfect leader. I think he did what our country needs and not only for his sake. As of now, we must trust his administration before making bad insights for he's just beginning.

07/03/2017 2:33am

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05/14/2017 3:10pm

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