Two brothers – one a veteran stand up comic, the other a comedy club owner – discuss the comedy business, their abusive childhood, politics, social issues, life, pop culture and whatever else comes up in this hilarious and highly dysfunctional weekly program.


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Episode - #89

The guys spend way too much time locked in a highly uncivilized debate about the Ray Rice situation but do manage to squeeze in some talk about ISIL's death threats to Twitter employees, Chris' trip to Comic-Con and bourbon.  Also the brothers play Trivial Pursuit and F.U trivia with loyal listener Jessica Chaney.

September 10, 2014

Duration: 1:18:13 — 56.4 MB

Episode - #88

This week Marc rants about the size of movie theater screens and wonders whether or not people are making up fake news to further an agenda, Andrew says a lot of funny things about Michael Sam's release from the St. Louis Rams and Chris admits to a shocking sexual fantasy involving super heroes. Also the guys make fun of Catholics, nude celebrities, Voltaire, Sean Connery and Andrew's memory skills.  Plus F.U trivia with listener Skyler Keller.

September 3, 2014

Duration: 1:26:32 — 62.4 MB

Episode - #90

Marc continues to agonize over the screenplay he's working on and Andrew wonders why there's not more black people at MLB games.  Plus discussions about Adrian Peterson, Olive Garden's bread stick policy and the guys decide to air some really dark Ray Rice conversation that was edited out of last week's show.  Also F.U Trivia with contestant Scott Landsman.

September 18, 2014

Duration: 1:52:39 — 81.2 MB