Two brothers – one a veteran stand up comic, the other a comedy club owner – discuss the comedy business, their abusive childhood, politics, social issues, life, pop culture and whatever else comes up in this hilarious and highly dysfunctional weekly program.


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The guys talk about Marc's gig in Toledo, Andrew's increasingly disgusting late night eating habits and whether or not, back in the day, their mother was hot enough to land a rich Wall Street executive thereby changing the brothers fortunes forever. Also, during a long conversation about the terrorism in Paris, Andrew's thoughts are more coherent than Marc's- a podcast first! Plus F.U Trivia with loyal listener Mustafa Durrani. 

Episode - #105

January 14, 2015

Duration: 1:25:20 — 61.1MB

In their 2nd annual NYE episode, the guys talk about notable deaths in 2014 and which ones they don't care about, a guy in S. Korea with a plan to send thousands of copies of "The Interview" into N. Korea using balloons, Marc offers his personal list of "Dumbest People/Things of 2014" and much more! Also,THIS YEAR'S WINNER of the $250 AMAZON GIFT CARD IS REVEALED and a new year of F.U Trivia begins with loyal listener Matthew Fischer. 

Episode - #104

January 2, 2015

Duration: 1:15:42 — 55.3MB

Andrew takes his meds too early and gets cranky about everything,  Marc tries desperately to talk about Obama's State of the Union Address and attacks Andrew for a comment he makes about the film "Selma." Also the guys talk with Marc's neighbor Rob Holthause, a musician and Andrew's son Ollie's bass guitar teacher. Plus F.U Trivia with loyal listener David Desautels.

Episode - #106

January 21, 2015

Duration: 1:20:47 — 58.3MB