Two brothers – one a veteran stand up comic, the other a comedy club owner – discuss the comedy business, their abusive childhood, politics, social issues, life, pop culture and whatever else comes up in this hilarious and highly dysfunctional weekly program.


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Andrew has a disturbing conversation with his 7 year old daughter, Chris takes his wife to a gluten-free restaurant for her birthday and Marc learns some interesting facts about the Beach Boys. Also, loud and angry debates over the recent police shooting protests and whether or not Marc can tell when Andrew's high. Plus F.U Trivia with loyal listener Shari Morris.

Episode - #101

December 10, 2014

Duration: 1:30:12 — 65.1MB

The guys hit the century mark with talk about the Ferguson grand jury decision, the NFL players who gave the "don't shoot" sign and the Facebook attack on President Obama's daughters. Plus Marc tells a really long story about rancid crab legs, Andrew has a horrible idea for a fundraiser and F.U trivia with loyal listener Lewes Wingate.

Episode - #100

December 3, 2014

Duration: 1:16:52 — 52.9MB

In a really dark episode for the ages (lofty we know), Marc agonizes over why he used two horribly offensive words early in the show and gets angry because Andrew's daughter doesn't believe in Santa Claus. Andrew questions Marc's motives in paying tribute to a recently deceased relative and expresses his concerns about his son's new bass guitar teacher. Plus the guys talk about the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, two Texas cops gone horribly wrong and more.  Also F.U Trivia with loyal listener Josette Young.

Episode - #102

December 18, 2014

Duration: 1:17:22 — 55.8MB