Two brothers – one a veteran stand up comic, the other a comedy club owner – discuss the comedy business, their abusive childhood, politics, social issues, life, pop culture and whatever else comes up in this hilarious and highly dysfunctional weekly program.


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The guys talk about the Brian Williams situation, Bruce Jenner's deadly car accident and Andrew shares maybe the most disturbing story ever told on the show. Also "The Worst Thing of the 21st Century" tournament begins with matchups including cute pet videos vs. the loss of the planet Pluto, things "trending" vs. the rise of home schooling, movie reboots vs the death of grammar and spelling and more. Plus F.U trivia with loyal listener Robby Strickland.

Episode - #109

February 11, 2015

Duration: 1:04:56 — 46.8 MB



Marc takes Maria to Myrtle Beach for a gig and has an interesting condo experience, Andrew really hates Katy Perry's Superbowl halftime show and the guys discuss Pete Carroll's decision to throw from the one yard line. Also the guys talk about the phrase "sex trafficking", Mike Huckabee's comments about gay marriage and much more. Plus F.U Trivia with loyal listener Brandi Erickson.

Episode - #108

February 4, 2015

Duration: 1:22:37 — 56.8 MB

Marc has another run-in with his landlord, Andrew feels deep anger towards Lorne Michaels and Chris tries to defend the idea that gluten is a real danger.  Also stuff about A-Rod's apology letter, the film "Fifty Shades of Grey" and the "Worst Thing of the 21st Century" tournament continues with matchups including Depressing Facebook posts vs.Thinking our kids are special, The phrase "_____ shaming vs. The whole beard thing and people calling themselves a "brand" vs. Yelp reviews.  Plus F.U Trivia with loyal listener Trung Nuygen.

Episode - #110

February 18, 2015

Duration: 1:26:26 — 62.3 MB

Andrew explains his aversion to bisexuality, Muslim women and people with missing limbs. Marc talks about the Oscars, mispronounces "et al" and gets derailed during a conversation about the Edward Snowden documentary "CitizenFour". Plus the "Worst Thing of the 21st Century" tournament continues with matchups including cellphone obsession vs. internet marketing, news overload vs. the word "hater" and weather scares vs. not reading physical books. Also F.U Trivia with loyal listener Dennis Halstead.

Episode - #111

February 27, 2015

Duration: 1:23:38 — 60.3 MB